Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jackie's Favorite Peonies

Peonies symbolize light, glory, riches, love, good fortune, marriage, spring, youth, happiness and gaiety. Peonies were the favorite flower of Jackie Kennedy who was an expert with the language of symbols and chose them to backdrop her official portrait.

Peonies are also emblematic of honor. Jackie excelled at everything she did and instructed her children before she died to 'make yourself proud.' In under 3-months in the White House--she captured hearts around the world. A European Cultural Minister called her, 'One who lights the match and gives hope.' Fashionistas quipped, 'Her Elegance.' In India they anointed her, 'Goddess of Power.' In South America they regaled her as a folk heroine. The international press trumpeted Jackie's trip to Paris as her own apotheosis to goddess. Two million of France's sangfroid citizenry rained flowers on her motorcade and chanted 'Viva Jacqui!'

What was the secret of her superhuman appeal? How did certifiable-egghead Jackie bump reigning sex-queen Marilyn Monroe off every movie star magazine cover?

Jackie was an expert on ancient god and goddess archetypes, symbols and myths, and their supernatural powers which she knew could be invoked by mortals to triumphal success. In fact, the last book she edited was on Isis--goddess of magic and total femininity. She channeled that spirit and became a universal archetype herself.

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