Thursday, October 21, 2010

‘Mad Men’ Dinning in San Francisco

Is it time to refortify your star-wattage? To harness some ‘Mad Men’
dazzle an
invincibility? Jon Hamm, as Don Draper, the titanium-sleek director of Sterling Cooper ad agency has the kin
d of showmanship an
unstoppability that ma
my former hometown of
San Francisco synonymous with entrepreneurial winners. H
d out to s
ip an elegant Pinot an
fire-up your aspirations. Be sure to a
rrow back from these suggestions for the final coup

1) 5A5: A swanky Financial District 5-star steakhouse with a snap of Rat-Pack chutzpah.
2) Jardiniere: A fabulously chic--Don Draper kind of place.
3) Eastside West: Sway into this hip spot on historic Fillmore Street to indulge in tony organic cuisine in a celebratory atmosphere.
4) Fleur de Lys: Opulence sets the stage for cuisine that rivals the pinnacle in France and resets your passion for apexes, too.
5) Spruce: Sterling Cooper creative wit and invincibility spoken here.
6) Balboa Café: Mingle with young professionals while contemplating Don Draper’s: ‘I have a life and it goes in one direction. Forward.’
7) Big Four Restaurant: Classic old San Francisco. Honors Gold Rush-era railroad pioneers.
8) Neiman Marcus Rotunda: Don Draper’s haute nirvana atop a mountain of luxury brands.
9) Waterbar: Contains all the power and élan of ‘Mad Men’.
10) La Folie: For all the ‘Limelight’ times of your life.

Nectar of the Gods:

What the above and dozens of other premier San Francisco establishments have in common is that they pour Emeritus Vineyards Pinot Noir. This magic elixir from sea-kissed grapes grown in California’s richest Gold Coast soils is brought to you by
unstoppable entrepreneur
d foun
Brice Cutrer Jones. Watch his interview with Gary Vaynerchuk
. Read some of the ‘What Others Say’ comments that include: ‘Emeritus Pinot Noir…stopped me in my tracks’. ‘Elegant… multifaceted…brilliant stand out.’ ‘Simply amazingly beautiful…seductive…a…true triumph!’
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