Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Marvelous Age of Innovation~

For me, the essence of California is a Golden Age Spirit-- a virtual luck machine with the possibility of bonanza breakthroughs. The Oscars embody that. It’s about innovation. Imagineering. Straining every resource to produce excellence.

Even those two-minute wonder film trailers that entice without giving away the gold—are in the end about transformation, metamorphosis. 'The Artist' trailer: here 'The Descendants' trailer: here

Have you picked your Oscar favorites? I’m going with 'The Artist' for Best Picture and Best Director. And hoping that George Clooney grabs the statuette for Best Actor in his 'Descendants' role.

Viola Davis deserves 'Best Actress' for her performance in 'The Help.' She is a theatre trained gusty actress. Davis in 'real' life pictured above. Her Charlie Rose interview: here

And many believe Woody Allen has a lock on 'Best Original Screenplay' for 'Midnight in Paris.' His theme grapples with the age-old clash between how life could be, or would have been better if only...[insert dreams].

My parents came to California--sun-kissed land of orange groves and opportunity as newlyweds looking like film stars. Mom did at least. They had many successes. Any missed-out dreams I attribute to fear of failure.

I've come to believe it’s impossible to fail if focused on a truly worthy dream. Just like at the Oscars. Clooney or Davis may not collect the industry’s ultimate reward. But they became more of what they dreamed of by going full out.

During eras of marvelous innovation--history shows—the gold goes to the audacious who push the limits--remembering--we already won by virtue of being born.

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