Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Faith, Inspiration, Beauty and Love~

Do you know about multi-lingual 17-year old prolific artist, poet, and pianist--Akiane Kramarik, of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho? She’s been hailed in the media from Oprah, CNN, Craig Ferguson, Fox News, to PBS—as a gifted artist, a renowned prodigy, a genius—and a spiritual young lady with a Divine Gift.

Akiane is completely self-taught. She lives to inspire and feels ‘blessed by God to help others.’ A large percentage of her earnings are used to feed needy children throughout the globe.

Home schooled in a non-religious home with no TV, newspapers, and few books—she began seeing visions including of Heaven from age 4—and started drawing, then painting them--to express what she was experiencing. She appeared on Oprah at age 9 and dazzled her—which jet-propelled her career.

She rises at 4AM daily, is a vegan with a healthy life-style that includes mediation. She believes in the wisdom of nature, the inter-connection of all things—and that faith and love are what’s most important—along with respect for all nature, animals, and people.

She says, ‘Everything is so beautiful, there is no limit, the possibilities are endless.’ That’s a message to love on Valentine’s Day. Excellent interview: here and here. And her website: here May today bring you sweet things~

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