Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Romantic Stay on the Île Saint-Louis~

Wouldn't you love to unpack your dainties in this lovely apartment on the enchanting 17th Île Saint-Louis island in the heart of Paris?

Imagine a cozy late afternoon with the sun slanting across the Seine, through the leafy trees and in the windows to pool on the wooden floors. And with fresh flowers offering their pops of color, subtle fresh fragrances, and charm--while the fireplaces glow, and delicious cooking aromas float from the kitchen.

In off-season it’s a near mystical experience to stroll through the shops on the small island where you can reset the clock back to the ‘vintage chic time-zone’ with a stop in a charming cafe. I’m remembering a sweet dinner on the Île Saint-Louis with my son and his ‘other family’ when French, Italian, English, and laughter were ‘bon-vivanting’ around the table--fun.

The link to the apartment is: here And a mash-up of Cary Grant dancing in films set to Leonard Cohen's 'Dance Me to the End of Love': here. I want to be there now!

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