Thursday, March 15, 2012

Musée du Vin Paris~

The Paris Wine Museum is sited in ancient underground vaults of a former Monastery--in what today is the wealthy 16th arrondissement on Right Bank of the Seine. During the 13th to 18th century--these vaults were part of limestone quarries mined for stone to construct The City of Lights.

The 16th is home to the Bois de Boulogne (its rose garden pictured above at top)--and like NYC’s Upper East Side--is the preferred address for rich and famous that covet the grand streets--like Avenue Foch where royalty and celebs have maintained opulent town homes for generations.

From the 15th century—the Monastery was surrounded by gardens and terraces that stepped down to the Seine--and with orchards and vines that marched up the hillsides. For après-hunting in the Bois de Boulogne--King Louis XIII would arrive to quaff wine. During the Revolution the Monastery buildings (depicted in the last painting above) were destroyed.

Today, three ancient cellars house the Wine Museum's restaurant that offers lunch with vin tasting--and the museum tour.

In 1984, the Conseil des Echansons de France--founded to promote fine French wines throughout the world---officially assumed management of the museum—where they hold wine education classes, and arrange seminars for private parties and businesses.

Musée du Vin Paris website: here Cheers!

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