Monday, April 9, 2012

Bordeaux's Entrepreneurial Brew: Wine and High Tech~

Just 310-miles southwest of Paris~the ancient port city of Bordeaux on the Garonne River near the Atlantic coast of France is known as the ‘Port of the Moon.’ Wine has been produced here since the 8th century reflecting the magic qualities of the lunar orb: intuition and sensitivity, time and cycles, receptivity and higher being.

Bordeaux’s perfecting of the agricultural art form has made it the wine capital of the world with 14.5 billion euros worth of annual trade and production of 960 million bottles from 287,000 acres of vineyards, 57 appellations, and 10,000 wine-producing châteaux. Among its historically elite labels are: Château Lafite-Rothschild, Château Margaux, Château Latour, Château Haut-Brion, and Château Mouton-Rothschild.

Bordeaux Aims To Be A Tech Capital, Too~

France invented the word entrepreneurial. Tech and wine are both. France embodies another word that made Steve Jobs the World's High Priest of Tech: Perfection. Jobs was intensely tough minded and believed he was chosen. He thought that with enough passionate drive for perfection over profits that he could change tech and the world—and he did. Sounds French.

How valuable is tech right now, this instant, today? It took Bordeaux 13-centuries and a lot of bricks, mortar, and sweat equity to produce an annual $14.5 billion euros industry. And 551-days for Instagram with 4-employees to be worth $1 billion.

In Bordeaux, city leaders are intent on becoming a French Silicon Valley. A special focus is developing design visualization for data. Diffuse data made explicable by design reveals its pathways, relationships, and outcomes...sometimes instantaneously. See an incredibly informative example: here Bordeaux planners have harnessed unused city space to create Tech incubators and are recruiting women and girls that have the creativity and perfectionism to take tech to artistic new heights.

In the U.S. 2/3’s of the jobs are created by small business—not the corporations that suck-up bailouts and tax breaks. Today, the U.S. could create a near Marshall Plan to educate genius Steve Jobs types. Our GDP is $15 trillion—with current growth rates it will be $30 trillion in 30-years. While China’s GDP is $6 trillion and at current rates will be $60-80 trillion within 3-decades. They produce more genius scientists, engineers, and tech wizards than we have college kids.

As Jobs said: Time to Think Different. Time to think like Bordeaux. The U.S. is as awash in empty space as Bordeaux is in wine. It could be bustling with incubators specializing in training Olympian levels of entrepreneurial and tech skills.

Hostellerie de Plaisance~

After the work, training, and wine quaffing…head 40-minutes out of Bordeaux to the medieval walled village of Saint-Emilion along the Dordogne. There amid its cobblestoned charms is the Hostellerie de Plaisance (above) with a sumptuous Michelin-starred restaurant and cozy rooms all perched atop a limestone crag. WiFi? Si. Info: here

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