Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Will That Chic Little 'Brittany' Biscuit Give You Alzheimers?

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Hotel Villa Tri Men

The photos are of Bénodet, a fashionable small seaside resort 20-minutes south of Quimper on the Brittany coast. 

I planned to post a recipe for Brittany fish stew, but thinking of Brittany reminded me of LU Petit-Beurre biscuits--founded in Nantes in 1846. GMO is banned in France, and LU is the only packaged cookies I bought years ago--and thought to find again. 

Because a multi-national food conglomerate tactic is to acquire 'wholesome' labels like Jamba Juice, Famous Amos, Mrs. Fields, Hagen Daz, etc. then befoul them with engineered GMO ingredients to maximize profits; I researched LU to ensure it was still operated by generations of founding family artisans.

Since 1995, the use of GMO has exploded along with corresponding rates in neuro disorders like MS, Alzheimers, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, dementia, schizophrenia and bipolar. GMO re-engineers plant DNA. It can't be washed-off. It isn't replicates. Because of widespread agricultural use--GMO runs-off into rivers and streams is evaporated into the air and returns in rain: (HERE). It's also linked to breast tumors, kidney and liver damage: (here).

I discovered that LU biscuits was acquired by the $36B conglomerate Mondelēz International--HQ'd in Illinois. That pretty new 'French' face disguises Kraft/Nabisco Foods that manufacturers a host of unhealthy Frankenfoods tricked-up in "Buy Me Now" packaging. LU biscuits a 1.2 to 2.7 health-rating out of 10: (here). 

The few food conglomerates that control most of the world's food supply also pour money into fighting food labeling initiatives to benefit consumers: (here).

~A list of GMO-free brands: (here).  
~A list of brands WITH GMO: (here).
~What NOT to buy at Trader Joe's--including "Two-Buck Chuck", etc: (here).
~Five cleanses for GMO: (here)

Alzheimers Deaths Up 68% Between 2000-2010~

Alzheimers is linked to diet and is now the 6th leading cause of death in the US: (here). A well-educated woman friend who loved to travel kept two refrigerators in her garage jam-packed with non-nutritive toxins like Classic Coke (rated 1.5 out of 10 by She died decades early of a virulent case of Alzheimers leaving behind two devastated children and a husband who, in the years I knew them, gave 'devoted' a whole new meaning.

Neurologist Dr.Perlmutter on how to prevent Alzheimers, and other neuro disorders: (here). Dr. Mercola on GMO vs organic: (here). 66% of US bankruptcies are medical-cost related. Chances are that any non-organic packaged or bottled "grocery item" contributes more to disease than to health. 

74-year old author Mimi Kirk on why she went raw vegan (here). As my grandmother and mother said, "Eat healthy food or pay the doctor." 

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